Our Product



Symbolizing the prominent figure that depicts the strength, the courage and the determination of Apache Red Indian, we named our brand Apache with pride with our unwavering tagline The Strength to Build.

Brand Value Proposition


We use high tech equipment, top quality raw materials and efficient processes to ensure our cement is top quality.

Value for money

Our cement is of international quality, but at a price point which provides value for money.


We have a thorough QC process operated by highly trained research employees who utilities high-tech equipment for uniformity.


Our supply chain management system ensures that the product is always available in our focused sales network


Our sales support team is highly trained to deal with customers’ demands and issues, and provide a complete solution as quickly as possible.


Myanmar cement market is a dynamic market segment where current local market is dominated by imported cement brands. The demand for the cement supply is on the rise as Myanmar is speeding up its construction activities. Current Myanmar cement demand is estimated to be 10 million tons per year, but current local supply is far below 50% of the total demand. In order to supplement rising cement demand, Apache is penetrating into Myanmar market with our quality product. With the emphasis on the fulfillment of customer satisfaction, our marketing strategy is built on the customer-oriented management. Apache marketing team monitors and strategizes marketing plan to well-adapt with the changing customer requirements and market trend. In addition, the team organizes on national promotion and advertisement campaigns to inform, educate and promote Apache brand.


Sales & Distribution

Apache’s sales and distribution network is built across three main regions: Yangon, Mandalay and Pyi Nyaung. For the Apache brand to penetrate into various regions across Myanmar, Apache has partnered with the most experienced and efficient cement dealers in the Myanmar market.
Apache understands logistics plays a vital role in the cement distribution process. We invest heavily in our logistics fleet to ensure that our product is delivered to the destination on time. To achieve ontime delivery, Apache has teamed up with Octagon International services, the dealer of Scania trucks. The partnership will ensure a constant supply of fleet, ensuring quality service delivery to our clients across the designated regions.


Customer Services

We are where our customers are. We place great emphasis on close collaboration
with our customers, and we believe that customers’ success is also our success. With the objective to build and maintain long-term customer loyalty, Apache focuses on customer satisfaction by strictly adhering to our core brand Apache focuses on customer satisfaction by strictly adhering to our core brand values. The Apache’s call centre welcomes all customers’ feedback and we are committed to supporting our customers’ needs and promptly taking action to ensure your highest satisfaction.