Environmental Awareness

As an industrial and production business, environmental sensitivity and control is a crucial priority for our strategy of sustainability. Apache cement incorporated Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Social Impact Assessment (SIA) since the preliminary planning stage of the project to minimize the impact of its business operation on our environment and our ecosystem. Apache believes in maintaining a sustainable environment and well-balanced ecology, and focuses on 3Ps: People, Planet and Profi t while achieving our organization goal. Apache promotes the awareness of environmental control throughout its organization and attempts to stand as an environmentally friendly organization by using eco-friendly technologies.


Apache has initiated practical activities that identify opportunities to reduce the company’s energy consumption and emissions of greenhouse gases. Apache also has a plan to develop Waste Heat Generation system into its process design allowing the waste heat gas produced from its production process can be reused to generate supplementary electrical supply.

Natural resources

Apache is committed to continuously improve its processes to minimize the use of natural resources and sets up measures to make use of environmentally friendly and recyclable alternative resources.

Alternative Fuel Resource

Apache plans to develop a system to reuse waste and recyclable material as a substitute to coal for fueling. This sustainable approach in operation will provide the dual effect of conserving natural resources and energy while reducing landfi ll waste.


Apache conducts systematic risk assessments and various testing for industrial and utility water. Apache ensure its water supply system and waste water discharge system does not negatively impact the sustainability of the natural environment and water resources in the region. It properly engages with local, regional and national public authorities as well as civil society to address water sustainability within the region.


Apache develops strategies to manage waste responsibly and continuously attempts to reduce the waste landfi ll. It monitors the types and quantities of waste produced, the method of recycling and the method of waste treatment. Apache emphasizes on reduce, reuse and recycle policy in reducing waste production, increasing waste reused and incorporating technologies to recycle waste.